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2014 – the ITR will reopen later this year!

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Our Dome is back in its rightful place!

The Dome is back in its rightful place! This is a massive milestone for the team and a turning point for the project! The last year of construction has given the theatre a backbone and has provided a fantastic show of giant cranes, tricky piling, sprayed concrete and chunky steel, but now we move away from the severity of pure construction and into the finesse and grace period, as we now start to dress our Grand Old Lady.

Rebuild Progress 2014

The back wall of our ITR comes to life!

Our massive thanks to Tauranga artist Owen Dippie and George Shaw and his team from Oi You! in making our enormous ballerina come alive..! The 30 metre high beauty is the final masterpiece of the recent RISE Festival and the largest piece of street art painting in Christchurch. Long may she grace the ITR’s back wall!

ITR Backwall Final

The Isaac Theatre Royal is currently closed due to damage caused by the 2011 earthquakes. Rebuild and upgrading work is well underway and we plan to reopen mid to late October 2014. Read more...

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A Vision of the Future

This is the design concept for the restored Isaac Theatre Royal façade from architects Warren & Mahoney when she reopens in 2014. Click on the picture for a larger image.

The board and management of the Theatre Royal Charitable Foundation sincerely thank and acknowledge the support, through various significant grants and donations, towards the rebuild and restorations of the Isaac Theatre Royal:

Isaac Theatre Royal Future Vision

Image map Christchurch Earth quake Appeal Canterbury Community Trust Canterbury Earthquake Heritage Buildings Fund Christchurch City Council Lottery Grants Board Mainland Foundation ASB Bank Air Rescue

Special Fundraising Shows and personal donations from some very special friends have raised an additional $500,000 towards the ITR's rebuild. Read more...


Timelapse video

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Earthquake update image

Rebuild and Restoration Progress

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