Visitor Guide to the Isaac Theatre Royal

Mobile Phones/Photography

All phones, cameras (still & video) must be switched off upon entering the auditorium. Cameras and phones may be confiscated at some performances.

Running Times of Shows

The length of a show is not usually known until it arrives at the Isaac Theatre Royal. Please check the What's On section of our web site for the particular show and/or contact or visit the Ticketek site.

Announcements & Lockout

Our Isaac Theatre Royal's Front of House Manager will inform patrons, 15 minutes prior of the shows commencement. Another announcement will be made 5 minutes prior. The Promoter of the show dictates to us the period of time the lockout shall be – this can sometimes be as long as the entire first act.

Theatre Behaviour Policy

Our Front of House Manager is on duty throughout all performances at the Isaac Theatre Royal and happy to assist patrons. It is our policy that all children, patrons with special needs are the responsibility of their parents/caregivers/guardians/teachers or carers. The Theatre reserves the right to ask patrons who are causing a disturbance to leave the theatre.

Intoxicated patrons will not be allowed into the auditorium and the Theatre reserves the right to evict any visibly intoxicated patrons from the venue.


Isaac Theatre Royal exclusively use Red Badge Security at all events, who provide a professional corporate security service. Red Badge are on site not only for your protection but also to offer assistance to patrons.

Infants & Children

Our theatre has a capacity of 1266 seats and all patrons are required to purchase and occupy a seat inclkuding all young children over the age of 18 months. 'Babes in Arns' are permitted under the age of 18 months but please advise at the point of ticket purchase that you intend to bring a baby with you. We reserve the right to refuse entry of unaccompanied children under the age 12.

Disabled Access

The Isaac Theatre Royal has 6 wheelchair spaces in the Stalls (ground level). If you require wheelchair space please inform Ticketek when purchasing your tickets. Disabled toilets are situated on the ground floor level through the Eureka Gallery entrance. Please ask our Front of House Manager or staff for directions.

Pre-show Drinks

Bar facilities are available on each floor of the Isaac Theatre Royal. Bars open 1 hour prior to performance for you to enjoy. Please note that glasses may not be taken into the auditorium. Pre-ordering of interval drinks can be made before show commencement. With expanded bars and foyers – meeting at the Isaac Theatre Royal pre-show is a great experience.

Location of Theatre

The Isaac Theatre Royal is in the heart of Christchurch City. We are located between Colombo and Manchester Streets.

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Parking is available at the Christchurch City Council carparks on Manchester Street and Oxford Terrace (Farmers) or Wilson Parking Runners carpark, Gloucester Street.

Christchurch City Council Parking
First hour free. Current Opening Hours & charges @ Manchester Street and Farmers. Please call 941-8999.
Customers can book car parks for the Farmers Car Park through Ticketek when they purchase event tickets.