Helping the Isaac Theatre Royal

You can contribute to the repair and redevelopment of the Isaac Theatre Royal, while we go through this extended post-quake closure for necessary remedial and restoration works to ensure she maintains her unique place in our arts heritage as the pre-eminent venue for performing arts in Christchurch for another 100 years! Your assistance will help us through the recovery period and ensure the Theatre continues to add enormous value to the Canterbury and New Zealand arts community when she re-opens.

Any ideas of group fundraising, suggestions for patrons or personal pledges of financial support please contact:

Neil Cox - Chief Executive - - 021 933440
Lianne Hawthorne - Operations Manager -
Joy Simpson - Theatre Royal Foundation Chairperson -

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Grants & Donations

You can donate to the restoration of the theatre via this form. All donations are gratefully received.

The ITR is currently putting together a specific fundraising programme and we will announce this to our Royal Friends as soon as possible.