About The Isaac Theatre Royal

Formerly known as the Theatre Royal, this grand old lady was given a major re-development both backstage and front of house in 2005. Today the Isaac Theatre Royal brings top quality shows, performances and entertainment to Christchurch.

The Isaac Theatre Royal, Christchurch is a superb and beautiful restored and redeveloped Historical Edwardian Heritage Theatre with 1266 seats over three levels. The Theatre is the Christchurch home to many of the national performing arts companies of New Zealand. In addition the Theatre is the preferred venue for International touring, musicals, concerts, recitals, community and school events and children's theatre. In short she has brought to us the best in the world and our own world-class talent.

Theatre opening 1908. Antonia Hewitt, the new theatre now

The arts entertain us, make us laugh, make us cry, or take us out of our own existence for a short time.

The arts challenge us, challenge our beliefs, our perceptions of ourselves, our perceptions of others, our perceptions of our environment.

The Isaac Theatre Royal is our gateway to the performing arts, and has been for over a century.

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View a 360 degree interactive virtual tour of our facilities